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Douglas Landsittel, PhD



The Offices at Baum, Fifth Floor 5607 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: (412) 624-0270

Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Biostatistics, and Clinical and Translational Science; Director of the Biomedical Statistics & Data Science Lab; Director of Biostatistics (Research), Starzl Transplant Institute

PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Research Area(s):

Statistical models and design issues for biomarker studies and causal inference

Biomarker studies are critical to transplant research and many other areas of medicine. Our research seeks to 1) apply longitudinal methods to more efficiently analyze biomarker trajectories, 2) use machine learning and modern regression methods to more accurately classify disease outcomes and predict treatment response, and 3) develop causal inference approaches to assess causality using observational data. Applications of these methods include predicting chronic kidney disease and end stage renal disease in a 20-year ongoing cohort of subjects with polycystic kidney disease, assessing the impact of changes in physical activity and frailty on clinical outcomes, evaluating associations between imaging measures and disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients, and developing a Decision Tool for Causal Inference and Observational Data Analysis in Comparative Effectiveness Research (DECODE CER). I also direct a training program in patient-centered outcomes research in collaboration with six Minority-Serving Institutions. 

Landsittel Team:
Chengli Shen, MD, PhD
Shen Liu (Biostatistics)
Tiange Shi (Biostatistics)
Kristin Kropf (Program Coordinator, Institute for Clinical Research Education)
Suzanne Burdin (Project Coordinator, Radiology)
Terry Sefcik (Programmer, Center for Research on Healthcare Data Center)